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`First punish all the real murderers of Swamiji and stop conversions to start peace process in Kandhamal’

May 4, 2009

By Sai Prasan

Kandhamal: The associates of Swami Laxmananada Saraswati’s Ashram located at Jalaspata in Kandhamal are not convinced with Orissa government’s projection of Maoist theory behind the murder of Hindu reformer last year August. They are furious, agitated as well as depressed that the internationalization of Nun rape case by the global media has slowed down the investigations of Swami’s murder case. They argue that Swami’s constant tussel with Christian leaders on the issues like Cow-slaughter and conversion over the years in Phulbani district is responsible for the brutal murder of Swamiji.

In fact, it is very interesting to witness the route to Jalaspata Ashram which is around 40-KM from Baliguda in Kandhamal. The road leading to Ashram is as good as any national highway, though a very houses are located at both the sides of the road. The entry of any stranger into the Ashram is allowed by the security forces after a through checking. The Ashram has been virtually cordoned off by the central security forces.

After the entry into the Ashram, the Ashramites also ask all kinds of questions to ensure that the visitors are not the representatives of Christian world. In a half-a-day long interaction, Kavichandra Nath, head of Jalaspata Ashram, has narrated how the murderers, a group of 12-15, have entered into the Ashram premises by jumping the boundary wall at 7.30 PM on August 23, 2008. The killers first killed two followers of Swamiji and then attacked Swamiji and pumped rest of the bullets into his body to ensure that he does not survive. The deep bullet marks still remain on the walls of the Ashram.

On the question of why Maoists killed Swamiji, Kavichandra Nath gets emotional and retorted back, “first you should understand the historical perspective of Swamiji’ murder, then you can come to a conclusion who killed him – Maoists or Christian missionaries”.

It is know to the people of Kandhamal that Swamiji had frequent tussles with the Christians leaders since his entry into Kandhamal way back in 1969. He had vehementally opposed conversions of Hindus into Christians. “Christian’s attacked him ten times earlier and he was killed on the eleventh attack”, he said. The previous attack on him was on December 24, 2009 in Darangbadi where Christian leader RK Naik has a strong hold.

Nath alleged that Christian leaders were considering Swami a hurdle to carry their agenda of conversions. He had time and again exposed the fake SC-ST certificates used by the Christians to avail the benefit of the government reservation. This irked Christian leadership including RK Naik and they developed a grudge against Swamiji. “The local police in tandem with the then SP of the district were also responsible for the murder of Swamiji”, he said.

Nath questioned, “why Maoists should murder Swamiji. They never had any clash with him”. The projection of Maoist theory behind Swamiji’s murder is misleading and far away from the truth.

With regards to conversions, “Christian missionaries use foreign funds to lure Hindus to convert. They offer education, medicine, cloths and all other things to convince people to convert”, he said.

Nath said a delegation of Peace Mission approached me to restore peace in Kandhamal. ”I asked them to first ensure to stop conversion of Hindus into Christianity to start peace process in the district. They returned back without commenting anything”, he said.

The Ashramites are yet to get over from the shock of Swamiji’s murder. The Ashram has 191 tribal girls studying from Class 6th to 10th. They study Indian culture and Sanskrit in their course curriculum.

The people of Kandhamal including Ashramites still suspect RK Naik and his associates responsible for the Swamijis murder. But, they get defensive when asked ”why Orissa government, where BJP was also a constituent, had withdrawn security cover just five days before his murder?”.

There appears to be a deep rooted political conspiracy behind Swamiji;s murder. Only an independent enquiry by a better equipped investigating agency like CBI can unearth the truth behind the murder of Swami Laxmanand Saraswati.

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